Modul 6: Integration

Facing changes in our lives. Old stories, known patterns, records stuck in the same old groove. New ideas, new pathways, new songs, branching out. Getting busy. Get on with it. Go with the flow. Cut against the grain. Enjoy the quiet. Meditate. Celebrate. Be aware. Making choices.

In this module we have the chance to revisit material from previous modules, areas that may need more practice or that we feel have somehow been missed. We’ll practice putting life skills into action; celebrating our journey together and making ongoing plans for the future.

What do you get out of it?

  • Creating your "Tribal Community" with your friends
  • Reflections about our journey until now: What have we learned so far, what do we want to incorporate more?
  • Looking at the vision map from the start: What have we reached. What do we still want to work on? What has changed from our original vision? How do we want to work towards these new goals?
  • How was our journey so far? Are we right now at the place we want to be?
  • Melting together, being all-one or a-lone
  • How do i want to live in future and how do i get there? 
  • Building a supporting network for the next years