Surrender to the magic of the rope

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11.05.2018 -11.05.2018 / Köln /

In a very simple introduction to the basics of bondage, you will learn to tie a safe and easy knot and how to bring yourself and your partner into a meditative state while exploring what is possible with a single rope and just one knot.

You will switch roles during the workshop to also receive a session, that will take you on a sensual journey towards calmness.
No previous knowledge is necessary.

11.05.2018 19:00:00
11.05.2018 22:00:00
€25.00 (Preis)
(8 Verfügbare Plätze)
This workshop can be easily combined with Gay Tango Spirit on Saturday and Sunday
Übernachtung im Gruppenraum + 15 euro pro Nacht (Matratzen und Duschen vorhanden, alles andere bitte mitbringen)
Unter Tango

Unter Tango (Kursleiter)